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i have been watching some videos on youtube and i see ppl with rails and stuff on their glowstone blocks and i have tried and it will not work for me ..... can someone please explain to me how to do or make a video of it please


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No, nothing was done in creative (I am a pure Survivalist).  All of my underwater track (beginning 8 minutes into the video) is rail directly placed on Glowstone and Sandstone (Glowstone every third block)

I play Minecraft on Xbox exclusively and I placed rail on glowstone.  The video below from 8:00 onward shows rail on a base that is glowstone-sandstone-sandstone intervals (glowstone every third block). Perhaps this is no longer possible with recent updates, but my track still works...


I had an underwater track in my world that had glowstone underneath it. However, with the most recent update, all of the track was up-rooted from the glowstone because tracks can no longer be put on it. The reason you see videos of it online is because those were created before the update on older versions of Minecraft.

^ Yep. 4j is starting to stray off of the pc updates so who knows when/if they'll implement it in the game

Can't be done on this version of Minecraft.

I just loaded up my map again and I can verify that I STILL have rail on my glowstone--it has NOT up-rooted.  I don't know why it has uprooted on some people's maps, but it has not on mine.

That's pretty lame that it got uprooted on you :(

Did you do that in creative? And where in the video did you do it?