Glitchy movement ?

I am loving this game, alot of fun. One problem I'm finding is the movement; walking/sprinting seems glitchy? Asif my connection was lagging. Which I'm certain it's not, because hit detection seems fine. Is anyone else having this problem? Is this an issue that will be fixed, It's dampening the fun quite a bit because I seem to be running slow, and glitchy.

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might be some rubber banding...which is a form of lag.  DICE/EA are currently trying to fix this.

so they havent fixed this yet!!! every match i play im RB'ing really getting on my t*ts now!!!

Personally, I havent noticed any rubbing banding since they patched the servers, but there could still be pockets out there.

I walk up to a 2 foot tall obstacle and my guy does 11 wall mounting animations before he gets over the damn thing.

Not only is the movement glitchy. The controller dead zone is that of an alpha build still. Here is a thread about that topic on Battlelog