Has anyone read anything about 99 glitching? or juicing? I will cancel my preorder if that crap still exist in this game. It's disgusting and ruins every thing.


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Weither or not 99 glitching or Juicing will be in game nobody know's but i'm sure someone will find something to ruin the game for us legit gamers.

I hear ya, I'd say about 25% play the way it's supposed to be played.  Unfortunately, the cheese goals are still here in the demo.

It's a vicious circle. It'll be around forever.

Yeah I truly hate the figure skater style of players who go around the rink the entire game looking for wrap arounds and bs drop in on the goalie goals. The players who walk up to the goalie /bulldozer them for goals.

I don't even know why games get made you can glitch. Come on and you call yourself a game programmer. I guess they like it that us non glitchers hate it.

Developers make the game knowing these bugs are in them in hope that tech savvy gamers will find them and exploit them so they can tell their NLC friends about it and buy the game. I hate to be a debbie downer but game sales come from hackers and modders now which is a growing style of play. Some online games are all about who is the best cheater ooops I mean who is the best glitcher, oooops I mean who is the best hacker, oooops I mean who is the best ''modder''.

  Sucks for grown up gamers like myself who work hard and want to come home hang with the fam and then play some online but after what MW2 did to me I am becoming an offline guy more and more every year.

10 / 4 bud. I was so happy to play against others when I got the Xbox. But once I played COD and other games that have huge Modders. I have been turned off. I lost tons of respect for Online gaming. That's why I'm hoping for Be a Pro Co-op season Play online. I have played with my buddy since NHL 93. But now he has moved across Canada and the only way we can play is against others and last year we were happy if we got more then 10 wins a month. It sucked and I never played a club game again. So this year they better fix the match making and / or add Be a Pro Co-op Season Play online. If not i might not even play online tell they do.

Yeah, me and my friends play on the same team as well. Most of us have been playing since '93, or '94 as you said... And, as you also said, we are spread out around the country now... The only way for us all to play together is on EASHL or in an Online League. The online league was fun for a while but its glitches and lack of features in '11 made it boring after our first season and playoffs.

EASHL is all glitching and exploiting like you said... it sucked the life out of this game for me. Once my fav title on xbox... is now one of the most frustrating gaming experiences I encounter.

This year in '12 we were going to buy a domain and set up a website and community of about 30 teams of 6. Have only members play eachother, then the same for the playoffs. But nope... lol EA took out ranked challenge games!!!

AND! I highly doubt they improved the Online Leagues section at all.... I'm very disapointed.

Look at my gamertag so you know I like hockey.  But I think I am at the point now of not even wanting to buy this year's NHL.

The glitching crap has ruined it for me.  It's like really?  How is that fun glitching nonstop?  C'mon man!