glitching teleporting and changing scenery

So much cheating going on!! Does anyone actually do anything about this? I am certainly not a one shot kill with the armour percentage i have, but some of these guys don"t even die after being hit with a gravity hammer!!!


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A pretty common mistake is for people to mistake poor internet connection or lag for cheating. Depending on the host of the game and other factors, your game could run pretty smoothly or it could be your biggest nightmare. Make sure your running on a good connection and set your search preferences to good connection if it starts to get too bad.


"A pretty common mistake is for people to mistake poor internet connection or lag for cheating."

I Agree, but the opposite is non less true, cheating is mostly mistaken by people for poor internet connection or lag. I've been playing Halo, with my wife as a team since Halo 2 and I m the first to joke about it, saiyng that "It would not be Halo if thare was no lag!", but some of the games I play go beyond nightmare, touching the borders of insanity. After more than 6000 games in Halo 3, one third were lagging like if there was no tomorrow. It got better in ODST, but it has returned in Reach. I KNOW the difference between servers beeing on the side of the "wrong team", like we see everyday in Griffball, or even a laggy connection teleporting my next assassination victim to the other side of the map (and/or teleporting me outside the boundaries of the map, without a jet-pack. ;) ) but sticking a pasma grenade to a guy that shakes it of like a fly and kills me with 3 pistol shots...sorry, I dont buy that.

I/we keep on playing, of corse, but the only thing I do is leave the game. That gets us banned for 10 minutes, from time to time. But I m 46, and the time for me to care about this kind of setbacks has come and gone.

Azrael & Matahari

check your internet speed here

Iif it 7-10 Download speed you should be okay, anything less you might be affected. Check your NAT status too.

We/I got 100 mega, fiber optic net internet service. It can't get any better than that...

Just unlucky, I guess...