Glitching in '12

Is it gonna be possible? I am so sick of 99 glitchers. I will cancel my preorder if this is the case.


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Anything is possible  when ya think about it & like i said in another post i'm sure at some point some idiot will find a way to ruin the game for us legit players.

Think about it. Ea let's you, no wait wants you to spend microsoft points to enhance your pro, so that you can compete online with other people who have done the same. (They also let you do this in Fight Night) That means anyone who hasn't fallen for this cheap cash in will be lost online, or simply not be competative. Those gamers are being punished for trying to earn their atributes by simply playing the game, like a real player who plays more games naturally gets better. And you think they are worried about Glitching, please get real! This is EA!

...this is a game.there are will always exists glitchs or bugs in a game. if the AI play goodlike, nobody will score, for sure!

...but they are computer...and there will be gaps or much space for glitches.

and someday, after a few weeks of gaming nhl12...everyone know how to play against the "new" Ai´s

Yeah I sure hope there is no cheating. I can't believe that people enjoy cheating. I'm also hoping that the club match's are fair. I'm not the best, but I hate losing every game. The best we did in the club was 10/36/26. Can't they match us up better with team more our skill. So we can get more then 10 wins a month. Once I changed the Teams name to TO Leafs. I was done. Even I can't play for a team like that. Hope NHL12 is better.

there isnt any glitching haha.for people who did on the last one and playing this one im sure they are mad.oh well haha.