Does anyone else experience glitches in their game? I bought Fallout 3: New Vegas a few months ago and even with the patch that i downloaded I still get glitches left and right. Example: In the UltraLux casino when I go through the door to the bath house I always get the black screen glitch...or when I return to certain areas after I have killed mutated animals or people the corpses fall out of the sky. Or I get a lot of slow up or screen freezes. I had to call up the reps once and ask if there is a patch or program to help and they told me that I should have gotten a patch when I first downloaded the game into my system. I did get a free downloadable content that was the patch...but it didn't alleviate the problems. Anybody out there experience the same kind of glitches? 


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Everyone experiences glitches in Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3, although I think Fallout 3 isn't as bad. The patch helped fixed "the fun glitches" but not any of the really bad ones. I was in the Brotherhood of Steel bunker and for some reason they were aiming at me, why I don't know but I took advantage of this and killed some of them, but while I was trying to exit, the bunker locked down on me. Killed the remaining few, and for some reason it unlocked... I don't get it? But it completed the House task so...

My worst and yet to figure out is the DLC Old World Blues. It just doesn't like me yet. Everytime I load it I get about 3-4 minutes of play and it locks up into the black screen. I go back and delete and reload old stuff and evrything goes back to normal.

I also got the BoS bunker lock but I haven't gone back to check that out yet.

Mostly I'm just having fun and saving a lot. Normal is to go back and remove saves that I'm okay with and keeping about 20 or so in the Que.

Haven't downloaded the Old World Blues, so I iunno... I have Dead Money, been trying to steal all the gold but  failing everytime lol...I pretty much destroyed the BoS bunker, just didnt understand why they weren't shooting back

Still get some glitching, but glitching can breath new life into game play. I enjoy the Powder ganger glitch that gives You 12 extra perks and tons of weapons and ammo from Chet the store keeper n Good springs. The vendor glitch is good too if You get the virtually broken mini gun in Novac and sell it at gun runners. No real bad glitches though. If I have an issue, I can reload a save and it's all good again.

Hey, gutsycmor....I hav'nt run into that particular glitch yet. the Powder Ganger one you were refering to earlier, do you mind filling me in on the details?

You can find the details of the Powder Ganger glitch here.

Phyrian, went and looked at that glitch, wasn't too keen on killing Ringo,  but after killing him then took care of Cobb and rest of his cronies, am currently level 21, 850 sets of leather armor, thousands of 9mm rounds and loads of caps, and I'm connected to Xbox live, so it still works, could go all the way to level 45,  lol

It certainly is not something one should do on their first character, but it does offer an alternative way to play the game on subsequent characters.