Glitched,stuck,and kicked

So I took a friend of mine into Horde last night so he could get a feel for it. I'd say at wave 8 I somehow got stuck in a part on Old Town and couldn't move. I could turn around but not move forward or shoot. After a few minutes of praying to be killed  suddenly got kicked for "not participating". Now I know this is probably EPICs way of dealing with boosters or AFKrs (much like in Halo:Reach) but seriously,it was because of some damn glitch. This happen to anyone else?


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I got stuck in a game of capture the leader. I couldn't walk, but I could role. I t happened when I was the leader straight after I had been rescued. As soon as I had been captured and rescued again, everything went back to normal. I was on the dry dock level when it happen. Thankfully it hasn't happened again.

Sorry roll not role!