Glitched cheevos as well as the 4 papal gaurd task

Anyone else?

Strong-Arm, Airstrike, Special Delivery, Going Up and Easy Come, Easy Go

I can see the papal gaurds, but cant get to them so I had my assassins kill them.

Targets are still there but the bodies are gone and quest wont end.

hopefully this post wont crash again...thanks M$


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Not sure about the others, but I did "Going Up" and didn't get the acheevo.  So I looked it up on Youtube and read in the conmment section that you need the DaVinci DLC to get it.  Do you have the DLC?

I'll try the DLC, once I stop laughing.

Well, I came here because of the same issue. cant get any of the cheevos listed by the OP, and now I know why. Time to buy more MS points. Argh! Too many things I want on XBL right now! MTG 2012, ACB DLC, and next week, the new BO Maps.

The DLC is worth it imo. If you are a fan of the game you will definitely enjoy it.  And to answer the question you do need the DLC for the achievements to unlock. I tried them right after I saw them without the DLC but never got them

if you have downloaded the dlc and still have issues getting the achievements, try deleting the dlc and redownloading it.  Not sure if it was an issue for anyone else, but i had to get the dlc twice before the achievements worked for me.