Glitched Challenge :/

Right, On launch night i was at a friends with my account playing gears 3 offline (due to him having internet problems) i was using my account and my gears 3 save.

We ended up playing horde and beast mode and we got the achievements "welcome to horde mode" and "welcome to beast mode" and i was pretty certain i got the challenges and the skins for doing it.

Anyway when i got back home to my console the next day and fired up gears with the same account and same save my achievements were still there, But! the challenges for both those achievements were not done and i havent got the skins :/

iv tryed repalying them again (that dosent work) clearing my system cash ( that dosent work either D: ) and im running out of things to try.

Does anyone possilbly have a solution to my situation?




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Start a new save.

I have also tryed that, i deleated both the save files for the game, booted it up went into horde and nothing :/ i cant think of what else to do. It really does suck

thanks for the help anyway :)

Sounds like the game might have messed something up when the Data was being sent to EPIC's servers.  I'm not sure how you can fix it if making a new save doesn't work tho.

Guess all i can do is pray its happened to others and that a patch is in the works :3 ahha