Glitched Achievements?

So I just got promoted to Lieutenant which should have given me an achievement, but for some reason, it never unlocked.


[quote user="Achievement"]Spartan Officer

Advance to the Spartan Officer ranks (Online).



Shouldn't I have just unlocked that after my last game which promoted me? Or am I missing something? I got the little "Spartan Officer" insignia in my Service Record too. What gives?


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This Achievement didn't come through an update perfectly intact.
I believe you also need 50 EXP in a certain playlist, as that's when you'll get the Lieutenant bar next to your name for a specific playlist. It's separate from your overall Lieutenant. The Achievement changed when they added Vidmaster: Lightswitch.

Actually, I found my answer a little while ago on the Halo Wiki. Apparently if you skip the last grades of Sgt. and move straight to Lieutenant (by having the Highest Skill of at least 10 when reaching 70 overall EXP), the achievement doesn't recognize it as reaching the proper rank. So, now I'm working on getting there in Lone Wolves. Currently have 30 EXP in the playlist, and moved up from a Highest Skill 17 to a 19 in only a couple games.



I got that Achievement before that update came in so it wasn't a problem for me but it's been a long time so I don't know much about it.


50 EXP from 30 is easy enough, though, and coming in the top half of a free-for-all game gets you EXP. Nice to hear you're also moving up [:)] [:D].