Glitched Achievements? Acceptable?

What's the stance on glitched achievements? It seems silly that developers are allowed to push out games that have glitched achievement without ever fixing them. A perfect example is the World War II Victory Medal achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne. It has never worked correctly, won't unlock for some players, and will unlock at the wrong moment for others.


This particular achievement requires coming in first place on all maps in any game mode (six maps). There are people at the top of the leaderboard with hundreds or more of 1st place finishes, on all maps, that have not unlocked this achievement. Other players have had it unlock after coming in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place on a map.


It has been broken a very long time, and doubtful will ever be fixed. Is this acceptable for games developed for Xbox Live?


I'm sure there are other games with the same problem out there.


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I had a similar problem with one of the achievements in Red Dead Redemption. It's all up to the developers and I don't think they are forced to fix their game.

They should at least fix it with an update.

just be happy that, that achievement is worth 0 points. the one in cars race o rama is worth 50 and is COMPLETELY unobtainable max of 950/1000 in the game. not to mention the "well connected" achievement in RB3. im currently dealing with this issue, because it will prevent me from 100% AND its and odd score so my gamerscore would no longer end in a 5 or 0.

The cars one has already been confirmed to never be patched because apparently it will take too much time and money for a game no one cares about.

I just think there should be some sort of enforcement, whether 0 or 1000 points for the achievement.