Glitched Achievements, 100% progress but still locked.

Completed the requirements many times for these 2 achievements, they show 100% complete but still LOCKED.

I have did all the basics, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, reset my box by holding the power button. Contacted both EA and MS support and have gotten nowhere.




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Brandon, you are not alone. I have had this issue with Rayman Legends and have contacted both Ubisoft and MS. Both place blame on eachother however I finally got issued a ticket to a higher MS support team so hopefully they get this figured out. It seems like a petty thing to complain about, but it kinda ruins the ability to eventually 100% each game you have which is my goal

hello I'm 100% in 9 achievements however are still blocked and others who have already completed however is still at 90% and I have done them altogether, someone has a solution for this? because I'm confused not knowing what to do

^^  You don't need to post the exact same thing in 4 different threads.

Actually,  it may help Eggnogga .  This has been an issue for months for some people.  It really hit people hard the last week of July.  So, I'm all for making sure there is posts about the problem.  They have to fix it.  2 months an issue for me.  Some have been stuck Since March or so.  I will happily bump it.

@Twigleaf, creating multiple posts all with the same thing is against the ToS here.  It is considered spam.  The forums are made up of a bunch of users/gamers.  No one here can help you in an official capacity.  Your best bet is to either phone support or use twitter --

They are aware of the problem, it is just a matter of getting it fixed.