So I was playing earlier and discovered 3 locations that did not give experience for finding said locations. I dont remember the names of those locations, just that they were discovered on my way to Rivet City to during the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. Is this a common bug or do some locations just not pop up?


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You should always get exp for discovering a location, unless you are at max level.  I never encountered that particular glitch, and I put a ridiculous amount of time into this game.  Are you sure you didn't just miss the notification?

Im pretty sure that I didnt miss the notification because the locations didnt pop up on my map. I am about to head off to work so later tonight Ill write down the names of the locations to let you know the names of the locations

If they aren't on the map then that means you didn't actually "discover" them.  Some of the detection areas are a bit weird, requiring you to get really close.  It may be that you got close enough to see the locations, but not close enough to trip the "You Discovered X" message and experience.

You need to keep walking around the place until the 'discovered' text rolls across your screen.  I thought I had the same problem at one of the railway stations, where I walked into the stations and into the subway "dungeon", but the landmark didnt come up.  Had to walk around the outside of the station till it unlocked

Yep thats where it happened at a rail station. Happened at Anacostia Crossing and Flooded Metro. I finally got the XP for them