Glitch with Crimson Caravan vendor after selling gold bars.

I sold 4 bars of gold to Crimson Caravan vendor waiting 4 days between each sale so his caps and inventory would update.  Now, no matter how long I wait he never gets any new inventory or any more caps.  I still have over 25 gold bars I want to sell.  Tech support said to clear memory cache, and re-download update, but that did not help.  They said to then just load an older save.  I hate these glitches.  They waste hours of my time.  Also, does anyone know another vendor besides Gunrunners that has at least 7000 caps that I can sell gold bars to?  Thanks for your help.


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Took a look at the fallout wiki, and they are missing caps info on a lot of merchants.  Thankfully they seem to be mostly the low-end merchants.  This info all comes from there, not from personal experience, as I've stashed my gold bars and probably won't ever sell them.

Blake (Crimson Caravan) 1500 - 12000 caps

Arms Merchant (188 Trading Post) 1000 - 8000 caps

Alex (188 Trading Post) 1000 - 8000 caps

Old Lady Gibson (Gibson Scrap Yard) 911 - 7299 caps (never seen her have much personally)

Vendortron (Gun Runners) 1000 - 8000 caps

In my case Blake ended up with 0 caps and no new inventory no matter how many days I wait.  So I could never use him again to buy or sell stuff.  I loaded a previous save, and just did not sell him any gold bars.  I sold them to Gunrunners robot and did not have any problems.  It just took me about 3 more hours to get the money I wanted and 2 implants from the doctor at the medical clinic near crimson caravan.  Take it easy.

I circulate between Old lady Gibson, Blake and Gun Runners, I buy all the ammo possible and stimpaks, then sell my stuff, gun runners update every Sunday and Wednesday, blake every 3 days, and gibson every 3 - 4 days. The level I'm at makes them have 8000+ caps each time.

so many vendors in my game have tons of caps :)

Great Khans armory ... got actual value 10,500 caps for my gold bar

Bartender at Mojave Outpost...

Supply officer at Hoover Dam...

Old lady Gibson had like 20,000 so I sold her 2 bars :)

if you buy stuff first so the vendor has loads of caps then sell the gold bars, you get your money back, and have loads of stuff, I just stockpile the stuff, use it as i need it, if i need to,

Gun Runners: 4,000 to 8,000 caps (if you clean them out, 24 hr waiting pd.)

Great Khans: Will offer you value of your bar, 10,500

Old Lady Gibson: 100 to 25,000 caps (you'll be able to sell around 2 bars at 20,000 or more)

Post 188: 4,000 to 8000 caps (haven't tried this one)

I've stock piled most of my gold bars, since there's really not much I need...

Scraping together enough caps to get all the implants you want is about the only reason I can think of to bother with selling them.  By the time I got my gold bars I had no need of money, so they're all stockpiled and I don't plan to sell them.  I may use them to decorate my place.

Collect EVERYTHING , you can sell it when you need to, or put it in a locker till you need it, You need Loads of caps in OWB, upgrades in the Auto Doc aren't cheap,    lol