Glitch or something other ?

I have done these two recipes


Name: Rugged Holster
Use: Allows you to carry 3 weapons at once
Ingredients: x2 Deer Skin

Name: Heavy Duty Holster
Use: Allows you to carry 4 weapons at once
Ingredients: x2 Shark Skin


So, why wont they unlock ? No matter how many times I do these I still have two lock weapons on my wheel.


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Now you might think this is a stupid question but...have you even equiped 3-4 weapons? You need to either pick up new weapons, or equip them at a gun shop. I made the Heavy Duty Holster today and it works just fine.

Pick up a weapon or assign one to the slot at an auto-merchant or gun shop. Just an FYI, you will only have 2 weapons to cycle between, and when selecting weapons between what 2 you want, be sure you're on one weapon you want then switch to the other one. You will then be able to cycle between the 2. Example: you want a sniper rifle and pistol for both weapons and are currently using an assault rifle and SMG. First, switch to the sniper rifle and while that is equipped, switch to the pistol. Took me a little bit to figure that out.

You have 4 weapon slots on your wheel you can cycle through all four but only two by using the Y button. The others are cycle through by using the your stick. I have two weapons on my wheel I want to get the or two to make 4 weapons cycle. It says, to make 4 weapons useable you must make the  4 weapon holster. I have done this but I cannot add all 4 weapons to the wheel why?

^^ sounds like a bug.may have to delete save and restart if you want 4 weapons.

If you've already made the big holster, try going to a shop and buying guns to use. Once you buy a gun it will automatically go to the equip screen and you can select which slot you can put it in. If you have one unlocked, press Y to go to the equip screen. Also, you can't cycle through all your weapons, you can only cycle between 2 and choose between which 4 you can cycle through. Being able to cycle through weapons means only pressing one button to do so, not 3.

Riven, you seem to be having all kinds of problems with the game nobody else seems to be having. Not sure what the deal is. I had zero issues with any of the crafting. I fully upgraded my holster with no issues whatsoever. Sorry I can't help.