Glitch? Or did I mistakenly alter my settings?

Playing GRFS a few hours ago and the loading screen where it shows the Xbox controller, and what all the buttons do had a green background.  "That's kinda weird.  It's usually blue", I thought to myself.  So the match starts and I'm playing as a Scout.  I use the OTR scanner on my Scout Class.  I detect an enemy, he goes behind cover and is outlined in red.  when he comes out from cover though instead of a red diamond on him there is a green one.

It got me killed a few times because there is that split second of, "Oh that's a friendly!", then they shoot me.  It only got me killed if I aimed at a guy who wasn't in cover because, as I'm sure you all know, detected enemies out of cover show a red diamond.  They aren't outlined.  So if he was out of cover I'd just see a green diamond, hesitate for a second, then die :(

I played some campaign right afterwards and it did the same thing there, only I didn't die from it :)

Anyone else get this today?  I know there was a cloud update on the 13th.  Possible cause?  Or did I accidentally enable some type of color blind assist (which I do not believe this game has.

P.S. someone else in the lobby was saying enemies had green names above them.


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