Glitch on Village?

A week or two ago, I was in a ground war game in Village. Just after the game started, I saw a few members of the opposite team floating around, sniping/shooting from above our heads. When my team managed to get a UAV, I could see some opposite team members just whizzing around on the map. One nade that landed next to me, put me below the map and that was the end of my game. I wanted to file a complaint against these glitchers. After the game, I am sure I uploaded the game video so people can take a look at it. During the replay, you can see the glitchers running around, floating and sniping from the top. They did not look like confused players by their actions. They seemed to know what was going on. Anyone else notice the same?


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i haven't seen anything like this before......

1.leave game

2.file complaint player

4.move on

it's not like you see this all the time, let iw sort it out (all we can do)