Glitch in quest "Season Unending' (Spoilers)

Hey everyone,

I've already fought Alduin and talked to the Greybeards to make a peace treaty with the Imperials and Stormcloaks. During this question I didn't finish the "Join the Stormclocks" quest so Ulfric refused to talk to me unless I killed the Ice Wraith. After finishing that quest, talking to Ulfric gives me an automatic response to talk to Galmar, when I talk to Galmar, he responds saying how he dislikes the opinion of meeting at High Hrothgar, even though I was unable to even initiate the conversation discussing the peace treaty.

Even though this game is great I've run into 4 glitches that have forced me to restart from a very early checkpoint, I'd prefer not to redo 5-6 hours of gameplay just to prevent this glitch. Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so, how did you overcome this glitch?


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Have you tried talking to General Tallious first, thats what I did and then Ulfric seemed willing to talk as he was an honourable man or something.  You can find him in Solitude, in the castle near the guards practicing their aim (near the blacksmith).