Glad I didn't use the Microsoft Points that magically appeared in my account

"I just talked to MS when I noticed that my account had jumped a little over 5000MS. The rep told me that the promo points have been escalated and the matter will be resolved within 72 hours. I ask what they were doing if I had already spent them. The reps answer was that MS is planning on handling the matter is five phases.

1- If the points weren’t spent then they are just going to remove them from the accounts that got them.
2- If the points were spent leaving a zero or negative balance of points and there is a credit card on file, then they are going to bill for the points used.
3- If there is no credit card on file, they plan on sending out an E-mail “demanding” payment.
4- If there is no credit card on file and the “demand” for payment goes unanswered then they “may” subtract months of gold membership that equal the amount of points used.
5- If there is still a negative balance then they plan on banning the console and the account until it is no longer negative. This one she said at least three times."

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QQ moar

Varakharne, I'm not whining. I just wanted to get this out there. The people that thought they were being slick by using something that wasn't theirs will get it in the end.

Dude I dont believe a word of anything you said,why ?

Cause you are a lvl 1 silver with no games played

Cause you are not a official source

Cause you are probably one of the people who didnt either get points or didnt spend them in time and now are trying to ruin the enjoyment of those who did.

Look, this is just a random username. I've had LIVE since Beta over 8 years ago fool. I didn't spend them because common sense told me that their was a mistake with my Point balance. If you didn't redeem a code or add MS Points to your account then those points aren't yours. Why do you think people have negative Microsoft Points balances now after they fixed the issue?

Ive used my points and nothing has or will happen,You know that but you cant get over the fact you didnt get or spend the points in time so you are here to **** on the cornflakes of those who did.And even IF and thats a impossible IF I have tons of money on my card so if they do take the $20 its really no skin.

Look at this tool! Proud that he used MS Points that weren't his. Too bad you didn't get anything for free after all. You will have to pay for your Marketplace content just like the rest of us.

Oh and if you don't believe me that I've had live since your were feeding from your moms chest than I will gladly send you a message from my account. Just don't expect the message to be respectful because you are scum kid.

Wait wait wait , you were a LIVE member in 1978 ? that's quite a accolade man, I know I am jealous.I couldnt make out the rest of that though,my HERPADERP is a little rusty.

Okay so many things wrong with this I won't even begin.


It happened to me too. I think it has something to do with the xbox rewards program because i looked at my billing history and it kept adding 240 which was the amount  of ms pints that was pending for this month.

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