Well i can't take no more between the disconnects and the input lag!

played a couple of ranked games lost 3 won 4 an out of the 3 that i lost it was all down to not been able to get my TR in an like normal every one ive come across spams the hell out of GSP which has got more power an speed than Anderson silva whos got more level cred than GSP wtf is going on with this game!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAARRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Can play the game off line sweet as a nut on ultimate the highest setting yes its bit of a challenge but the on line is ridiculous they need sort there servers out, think il be taking a couple of weeks break from for a bit :(

Rant over :P


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i quit online after my DNF went up with every disconnect.

the way it is at the moment everyone you fight picks the top guy in the weight class,the ground game is impossible as no matter how many times you get the opponent down they can just get straight back up,which means the top guys always out strike you and win.

player matches allow for better sportsmanship but you still get disconnected 9 times out of 10.

Think thats what im going to stick to, player matchs.

The online is just spammed with GSP ,thought id never say a fighter of the UFC series is OP but he sure is.

Hes got it all 100% need another GSP or very high CAF to go up against him because if it goes to the ground theres no coming back with the input lag.

TR's lmao i remember when these used to work!

Ranked online is Unplayable for me too Believe me I know your Pain, Player match's work just fine tho Weird???

I'm just Glad that Career is WAAAAAAAY Better then last year, Title Mode is Fun Too, Oh Oh Oh Oh Pride Tournament Mode makes for some Hrs of Fun.

I know Online is the Big Feature for us, getting to fight as our Fav MMA fighter or a CAF but as they left us hanging with the last game I figure it'll be the same with this game, I'm happy we;re getting some Future DLC too bad it's not Career Compatible but we can Hope :-)

hopefully most people will have given up on the game before the dlc arrives and the poor sales will force them to fix the problems online.

Just been reading over at the official forums that with the patch they will be doing a leader board reset :) bot of good news there for a couple of people.

Sorry about the spelling guys this dam iPad has a mind of its own!

My room mate was playing some ranked online games and he was raging because of the lag/disconnects. I was laughing but yea I am definitely not getting any of the ranked games cheevos until they fix the servers.

After listening to you guys moan about how crap it is im waiting till a bit later on. I have a mate come over so I at least get a bit of the competative side

Well been on line today with me new fighter an it all went sweet as a nut no lag just the normal disconnects from randoms when loosing but i can live with that.

Went 10 straight wins :) best games ive had since i got the game love it.

@ Knackers well if we didn't moan/rant about it then others wouldn't of known how bad the online was before rushing out an buying said game, but saying that the servers seem hell of a lot better today.

are they reseting peoples records or just the ranks?

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