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I just downloaded the BF4 beta and quit as soon as it started.  The reason why is because of the new control scheme.  It is a CoD and standard shooter control layout.  I prefer, just like in Halo, my melee to be a bumper button.  Can't we get an option to go the way we are used to playing?


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Lol, wtf, Halo controls? Halo not a shooter? wtf? I'm lost. You think Halo isn't a shooter and the controls never changed? You obviously never played the original Halo or know what's classified as a shooter because all three games you mention are shooters. Different games do different things but they all are "shooters".

Idiotic reasoning however I see where he's coming from. This layout isn't terrible, but could do with fine tuning. In the meantime the best advice I have is "adapt". Everyone's going to have to do it in the transition.

current layout is how I've always mapped shooter controls. I don't understand how people find these controls bad.

Nothing wrong with the controls. couple of games and I soon adapted.

Customize, if the option is there. This is 2013, there should be that option.

Speaking of options. I'm disappointed they didn't allow us to turn the HUD on and off, on the fly during game play, with the simple press of a button, like the D pad or something. How many times has the HUD obscured your vision?

indeed...but thats a BF staple anymore  .....I've been killed by ''bad guys" sitting in plain sight but obscured to me due to their position in relation to a flag capture marker or something .....  

^^Yeah, I hate that, even in CoDs too.

Goto options select controls set soldier buttons to veteran. Same for vehicles and chopper. only difference is spotting.  RB spots not back button.