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Hey ladies tired of being stuck in games with mostly guys! Well I am so im starting a new world on survival for all the girls out there who just want to game and enjoy some girl talk. Lets make some new lady friends, this will be a mature over 18 server. Happy gaming gals!


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This actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. You can add me and I'd be down for playing. We should set a date like twice a week or somthing like that.

Add Me: Vodka Fashion

Awesome! I'll add you so lets game and enjoy some minecraft. Feel free to invite other girls.

Dude I'm down. Sounds pretty interesting. You should add me: shutyerrface (yeah I know, weird name haha)

Will do I just made a new survival world on hard difficulty so lets go kill the ender dragon! Feel free to invite others

I would love to join in. I'm newer to Minecraft and I do have a mic but most the time I just listen because baby daughter is sleeping in her crib next to me! If that isn't an issue then please add me! Would love to make some new Minecraft friends seeing as I have none lol.GT LegendryPikachu

Sounds good ill add you and set up a day for us all to play together. Im setting up a server for just us gals to play in ill invite you next time im on :)

Hello I'm looking for some people to  game  with  feel  free. To send me an invite. I won't really be checking this thread