girl looking for friends!!

Hello everyone!

Im looking for some friends to play online with. Im pretty sick of talking to all the random ten year olds you find in lobbies who whine when they die. Im 16 and a girl and I usually play Halo 4, tomb raider, and occasionally CoD. Id love to be able to chat and play with chill people my own age. 


P.s. im not one of those crazy chicks who get on live for attention. Im the crazy chick that whoops their *** in regicide. 


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Good luck with finding people to play with! It's hard out here :/

I know how you feel. ):

Throwing you a request. [:

GamerTag: Raevemis

Location: Zealand, Denmark (UTC+01:00)

If you are on Xbox One shoot me a request. I make site to limit my exposure to little kids as much as I can.

small, friendly community facebook group just starting up, linking to other multi player groups as well.  Here you can meet friends to play your multi player games with, share your adventures, and photos!

FR sent.

Add me. I am almost 15

I sent you a friend request (BTW im almost 15)

hey im 14 but i dont know if you are only looking for female friends or not but im a 14 year old male that plays cod and halo so just add me if you want to play