Gifted Cars....

If someone gifts you a car how do you access it? I had a friend gift me a car and I cannot find where I download it at. Any help would be appreciated.


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Press the Left Bumper to pull up the message center screen, go to File Depot section and download your gift


Left trigger, not bumper.

My bad, thanks Metal

how do you get a gift car without purchasing the entire car pack its in

^^^You don't.  At the very least, if a car is part of a car pack but is available to purchase separately (some cars are available as part of a pack only), you'd have to purchase that car from the XBL marketplace...which adds it to the appropriate dealership in-game.  You still need in-game credits to purchase it for career play.  At this point, you can either purchase it with credits, tokens, or have someone gift it to you if they're feeling generous.

Ok I got a car as a gift but it keeps telling me that I need to purchase the entire car pack to get the car. How else can I get tokens or credits to get the car I want/

As I mentioned above, you can't do that.  If a car is part of a DLC pack and is not available for sale on the marketplace separate from the rest of the pack (some are, some aren't, depends on the car), then buying the entire pack is your only option.