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What did you get in yours? I got the Geth Juggernaut.

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Played w/ someone using the Geth Jugg -- couldnt see a damn thing when he was in front of me. I got the Talon Engr -- useless character, IMO.

Geth Juggernaut.

Female Turian Vanguard...:-)

Just treated myself to a few Reserve Packs and got Ultra Rare Volus Engineer twice. Just my luck. :-)

Talon Mercenary.  Unfortunately, a pretty glitchy and weak character.

The omni-bow attacks, or strong melee, when maxed out at the expense of shields still take 4 attacks to take out a marauder on silver.  And if you go for 100% bow strength you are left w/ 625 shields and health so it overal isn't worth it to use the only appeal of this character.

And the bow attacks suffer from the same problem as sniper auto aim, locking onto random enemies.  It also sometimes freezes and remains locked on but doesn't shoot. 

One other quirk is though it autoaims, you can manuallly autoaim it, but it requires holding the melee button down and using the right thumb stick with one thumb.

Geth Juggernaut... a real tank character. Downside being you're slow in moving and can't duck behind cover. However, Adrenaline modules offset the movement and with Hex Shield, you don't need to worry about the cover problem. Lots of health and shields, with Siege Pulse and a Geth Sentry Turret, make this guy an allround weapons platform. I really like this guy.

Gift Pack  =  Talon Mercenary


For my 1,200,000 credits (20 Spectre Packs) I got the following...

---  Consumables  ---

Cyclonic Modulator 3  =  4, Armor-Piercing Rounds 3  =  3, Disruptor Rounds 3  =  5, Shotgun Rail Amp 3  =  3, Cryo Rounds 3  =  7, Incendiary Rounds 3  =  4, Strength Enhancer 3  =  2, Explosive Rounds 3  =  2, Power Amplifier Module = 4, Sniper Rifle Rail Amp 3  =  3, and Power Effeciency Module 3  =  1

---  Reckoning Characters  ---

Talon Mercenary Cards  =  1 (not including the "Gift"), Alliance Infiltrator Unit Cards  =  2, Awakened Collector Cards  =  1, Krogan Warlord Cards  =  2, Cabal Vanguard Cards  =  1, and Geth Juggernaut Cards  =  1

---  Weapons  ---

M-11 Supressor 1, Collector SMG 4, Executioner Pistol 4, Ada Anti-synthetic Rifle 1, and M-7 Lancer 1

---  Mods  ---

Shotgun Ultralight 1, SMG Power Magnifier 3, Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials 1, and Pistol Power Magnifier 1

---  Gear  ---

Batarian Gauntlet 2 and Geth Scanner 1        

@Death Using the Juggernaut's heavy melee through his shield is amazing. It's really difficult to kill this guy.

I got the Infiltration Unit. For anybody that's not using her, USE HER before she gets nerfed. As long as you have grenades, you are literally unkillable. There's no cooldown at all on Repair Matrix.

did I really write manual auto-aim.  lol

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