Giana Sisters for XBOX gamerscore grinding bug

There is a nasty bug in Giana Sisters that allows you to grind achievements again and again and again and your Gamer Score rises... I would report this to the devs but I have not access to their forum yet.

What happens when I start the game it instantly disconnects me from LIVE and somehow I can't log back in if the game is running. I can play the game just fine and it gives me all the achievements, BUT when I quit the game and reboot the xbox all the achievements I've got from the game are gone. Gamerscore holds them. So when I start the game I can get all the achievements again and Gamer Score rises again.

This should be fixed asap.


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Same Problem here, I had to re download my Profile, because I don´t want MS to think I´m a cheater.

Hope they fix that bug soon, I din´t bought a XBox 360 to become a Betatester

Yep, I did the same. I don't want to get black listed because of some bug.