How the heck do you get on to GHTunes? All I get is unable to connect at this time. Any solutions?


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I hear ya, I have the same problem. MayB the server is GONE?! I looked at www . guitarhero . com and searched for info (briefly) and there was some mention of iTunes. You know, more $$$ for the pig-companies already robbing us working folk blind! Hop over there and C what U can find, I guess.

I unlocked the upload and download GH Tunes acheevos on 8-7-2011, so it sounds like the servers are down now, if that's the case I consider myself lucky I got it done when I did.

yeah, I think the servers are down.

I have contacted Activion twice by phone and got e-mails from them telling me how to get the achievments by uploading a song to there server-yet no dice. they keep selling the games and the instruments but the "representatives" keep telling me that they "are unaware of any server shutdown". go figure. they got my money for multiple instruments and guitar hero games but cant help me with 1 "one" acheivement.

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