Ghosts. Worst cod yet? My opinions.

So call of duty ghosts has been out for 10 days now and after playing it this is my opinion. Hope this helps any of you out there who arent sure yet. This isnt a flamming post either its going to have positives and negatives along with comparing it to other call of dutys. 


This isnt the longest list in the world but this game still does have some interesting and neat features. 
Sliding. Not game breaking or anything just a new feature that has won me a few gun fights, but overall just makes things a little different
Integrated gun attachments. This is a interesting add on to the game and i think its a good one. It now lets you have a 3rd attachment on some guns, now i know black ops 2 you could use primary gun fighter and have a 3rd but that took up a precious create a class point. One of the biggest ones imo is the honey badger with the silencer already integrated, Now you can run a class like red dot extended mag and still be silenced as a free bonus.
Field Orders, Some people dont agree but i think that by doing a little challenge and getting a free carepackage helps keep the game a little more fresh. If you want the care package itll help encourage people to not just sit in that window with the sniper or marksmen rifle and camp. Now they have to go out and get a knife, or pick up someones gun and try to kill them.  

Other then those things the game feels pretty similar to every other infinity ward call of duty IMHO.


Death Times. Dying in this game feels almost instant. I dont really know how they changed it or what they did to make it different but thats what ruined MW3 for me. The feeling of if someone gets you from the side even if you hear them they will get you before you can turn and shoot them. To me this is one of 2 major flaws that is game ruining for me. 
Map size for current consoles. Now maybe for next gen this wont be a big deal but on current gen the map size is too big and under populated. 6v6 on these maps means spending more time searching for people then shooting your guns. Now by the time i get a next gen console there will be another cod out because i plan on waiting due to the 500$ price point. Also the lay out of the maps means your constantly getting killed from random directions and places. 
Gun Camo Challenges. I liked how it was in MW3 so much better where it was just based off of your weapon kills and weapon level. I hated the challenges for gold camos in black ops 2 and ghosts made it even harder. I understand that gold is supposed to be a hard thing to get but the fact of these challenges some of them force you to play the game in a way your uncomfortiable with and dont enjoy. In the end of the day its a game and its meant to be fun there shouldnt be compromises that well if you want a gold camo you have to camp behind a rock to get 150 lean kills. The just kills and weapon level camo unlocks made for a more enjoyable gameplay. 
No weapon Unlock Levels. So why do we rank up? To earn our new guns and attachments. Well according to ghosts you can youtube the best class setups and by the time your level 10 you can have everything you could possible need so now leveling up feels useless. The whole create a soldier thing just doesnt feel right the prestige and create a class system is what made call of duty call of duty. 


MW3 One of my least favorite call of dutys but imho its still more enjoyable then ghosts. It still had the instant death problems but the fact that it had nice fun smaller maps kill confirmed was very enjoyable on dome back in the day. The gun camo unlocks were simple but yet still felt challenging for us regular players. But the biggest killer for cod ghosts is just those maps. 

Black ops 2. This is one of my favorite call of dutys despite the community not liking it. Most peoples complaint was the lagg, Me personally i didnt get it that bad and i enjoyed the game and i still do. My favorite thing about this game was the time it took to die. Not instant but still quick enough to get those big streaks and run and gun style. I didnt like the gun camo challenges they were a pain but once you got the headshots done it wasnt too big of a deal except the long shot medals. Still better then ghosts camos though.  The maps on black ops 2 were great compared to ghosts though. I feel like the pick 10 system is much better then whatever this new ghosts system is called. 

My honest opinions. As of right now ghosts is the worst call of duty to date. There was effort to improve the game but it felt like it was in the wrong direction and this game was meant to compete with battlefield and not to be a call of duty. They could have done things like redesginged maps fixed lagg new guns new attachments dedicated servers and for most people better graphics and the game would have been fine. The biggest killer is the lagg and just seemingly lack of concern for improving the graphics.

If this is your first call of duty then im sure you will enjoy it not knowing anything different. If your a long time cod player but arent sure then i would wait a while the game is worth getting but not worth 60 bucks.

Idk just to me this was the biggest let down so far in call of duty. Black ops was my favorite followed by Cod 4 then black ops 2 then Mw3 WAW Mw2 and ghosts in dead last.  



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Disagree with pretty much every part of this post.


The maps are interesting and complex, unlike Dome. MW3 did not have killtimes as quick as Ghosts in practice. If you can't put some effort into unlocking camo then you can do without it, we don't need a dumb, 'guaranteed unlock' scheme for that and we don't need some overwhelming restrictions to make leveling up fun.


Ghosts is a step in the right direction for Call of Duty.

I think it had steps in the right direction but steps in the wrong direction also. Im also looking at this from the prespective of someone who plays maybe a hour 2-3 times a week so its extreamlly hard to learn difficult and complex maps i wish there were some simple maps.

If you are the guy who wants to play nuke town 24/7 than this May not be the game for you.  If you are a cod 4 fan this is more your style.  Black ops 2 was bad for a cod game.  They put a lot of effort into certain things, but thy went the wrong direction.  Ghosts is a great game.  I am going to try to upgrade my xbox one preorder to hardened if it's available Sunday.  After black ops 2 I thought is never buy a season pass again, but ghosts has earned my money.

This game isn't even playable unless you enjoy spawning 2 seconds away from your opponent, or an unfair internet advantage. Leaning is completely broken. The challenges are ridiculous when you almost need to preform a glitch to achieve them. The lag is completely unforgiving. More than half the time I'm dead before I can fire a shot head to head in close quarters. 75% of the players go negative, and one guy with an unfair lag advantage goes over 40 kills with deaths in the single digits. I've literally seen less than 5 good games after hours put into this game. Maybe it's fun of you pad stat, and  band wagon with in a *** party, but if that's the case please save the pathetic argument. This game is trash, and I still have the receipt. To the store I may go, but for now my car is broken.

Honestly if gamestop would let me return the game i would but they dont take returns once its open and im not letting them rip me off by giving me 30$ trade in,

if they could fix the spawns and the lag i would like it!

I agree with most of the points the OP stated. Gun Camo challenges are just meh, I agree word-for-word on death times and map size (not necessarily on waiting to get a next-gen console). I'm not a Nuketown kind of player either, I HATE that map, it's way too small, but these maps are too big and convoluted for 6v6.

Ghosts is a step in the wrong direction IMHO.

I keep seeing how people don't like fast deaths. If that is the case, I suggest you guys never play Counter Strike, as it is pretty much guaranteed you will die if someone "off screen" shoots you. I love that, actually. I can't wait to see it in Ghosts myself. It's so much better than having to empty your gun on an enemy to get the kill.

I never liked counter strike. I dont like emptying a clip into an enemy either but idk if its the lagg or what you can put 15 shots on ghosts into someone and they kill you and then you see the kill cam and it shows you just standing there and them shooting you pew pew dead and it doesnt even show that you shot them? And it isnt my internet i have good internet.

^ That's just the problem though..... I have to empty my clip to get a kill, but I get instantly melted at first sight. I don't think it is my connection because it is constant no matter when or how much I play. It is like that EVERY GAME since the very start.

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