Ghosts Season Pass for Multiple Live Accounts

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I searched for an answer for this, but was unable to find it.  Please forgive me ahead of time if this has already been asked and answered.

I'm considering purchasing the Season Pass for Ghosts on my 360, and while I know that it will transfer to the XBOX One when I purchase it, I was wondering if the DLC that will be available through the pass will be usable across all the Live accounts that are on my 360.  My son and I both play, but we each have our own Gold account.  If I buy the Season pass for myself, obviously I'll be able to use the new maps when they are released.  But, will HE also be able to use them when he plays on his account?  I know this worked previously, when there was a Gold Family Pack (I was the primary, and he was in the family pack), but I'm not sure if it works now.



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I'm NOT 100% sure as to how Xbox One digital content licenses work across multiple Xbox One consoles, so the information below is specific to Xbox 360 (and multiple Xbox 360 consoles) to my knowledge.

The Season Pass DOES move with you if you plan to upgrade to the newer console within the same console family (i.e. Xbox 360 -> Xbox One). You MUST PURCHASE the Season Pass BEFORE May 31, 2014 for it to move with you to the Xbox One.

There are TWO things with the Season Pass:
- extra in-game content (i.e. Team Leader Digital pack, complete with a unique MP character head, weapon camo, reticle, player patch, player card and player background)

The FIRST console you download the DLC on will have the license to access it by any gamertag/profile that uses that console.
The DLC can also be accessed from another console, but you will need to sign-in to Xbox LIVE every time to use it and you may need to re-download it.

The extra in-game content will ONLY be available to the gamertag who purchased the Season Pass.

So maps will be accessible from all accounts, but not Character stuff it sounds like.   I'm in same boat as I have 360 and one.  My kids and I have accounts on both and I prefer to only buy one Season Pass to cover both systems.  

Great -- if that's the case, I think my son would be just fine with it.  All he cares about is the maps, really...

Thank you!