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I bought the Digital copy of Ghosts...It says its for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One...I am a little worried...I haven't opened it yet.  Does anyone know if I download it on the 360 and when I get my One and download on that, will it work on both systems? or will I lose it on the 360?


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thank you...just to be clear my daughter can be playing it on her 360 and I can be playing it on my one at the same time?

That doesnt sound right. I am thinking when you upgrade to the Xbone, youll lose the 360 version, but Im not sure.

EDIT--Because the hard copies are traded in at the upgrade I think.

Hard copies have to be traded in to trade up, but the digital you keep for both systems. You should be able to play both at the same time as they are two separate games that you have licence to.

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I'm having issues with it saying it can't read the Disc even though it's a digital copy...WTF

NO it will not. I just bought Destiny on the one and tried to download on the 360 and it is not allowing me too. False advertising..... I plan on taking action on this one.... I would have gotten for the 360 if I had known..........

You have to download it on 360 and then move up to the One. You can't do it in reverse. As for Ghosts I think the trade up offer has expired. Destiny it will work.

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