Ghostly Remains

I have had the ghostly remains of the Spectral Assassin half floating on my stairs at Breezehome for months now (in gametime).  Is there anyway to get rid of it?  

I would have thought Lydia would earn her keep and clean it up...


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Yeah, his commentary is really annoying.

Who else did you kill? Everyone?

You caused your Breezehome to be haunted.....oooooh spooky!

I am finding Ghostly remains everywhere.  If he was not so annoying I would probably let him live longer.  Has anyone found any indication that, perhaps a future patch will make them disappear?  I got fed up with looking at the Ghostly remains half suspended in the air in Breeze home that I have moved to Proudshire Manor.

I think it would be awesome to have glowing piles of ash around my house. It would add to the ambience!

Maybe you should kill the assassin a few more times to spread the piles throughout your house or something? I think the new patch may fix things like this.