Ghost Recon is out and....

Ghost Recon is out and I have to say Battlefield 3 is a much better game online. GRFS feels like a cheap Modern Warfare clone with a cover system stuck on. Ghost does have a very good single player campaign (unlike BF3) and coop, though I haven't been able to connect with friends to play it due mainly to a very poor matchmaking system.

So there, after all my gripes about Battlefield, I have to say it's still the best overall multiplayer experience.


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i would say they are both pretty poor online atm

I could say the same thing about BF3 minus the cover system.  Unfortunately games are chasing after the COD rainbow and never see the fact that if they either stuck to their original system or went a different direction all their own would probably succeed more.  As for GRFS, the MP is good when working with a team who will communicate and like you said, the campaign and co-op modes are excellent, IMO the best co-op as of late.  GRFS game is much different than past installments, I will say that, but the tactical team aspect is still very strong.

did the 1st 3 levels of co-op it is really good

The Guerrilla (Horde) mode is really, really fun too. Really difficult.

not terrible, but not as good as I expected.

it gets a lot better online when you customize your own weapon but the stock weapons are just terrible.

and playing with at least 2 other friends and at least 1 person being an engineer is an absolute must.