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Hey.I made a new squad Spetsnaz GRU and i am looking for good players that care more about the objectives and teamwork than the K/D ratio.There is no problem if you don't have a mic but it helps a lot since on Xbox you dont have that in-game chat like on PC.We can play co-op MP,Campaign or Guerilla just ask a squad member.If i am online the most of the time i will play :) If you are interested add me  eliTePwns and message me. :)


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I'm willing to join, I'm a team player, I can be a scout, engineer, machine gunner anything squad would need, and occasionally sniper (not that good). Just add me and pm me saying grfs so I know you're not a random adder. I'm free to play most nights around 7pm central time

Note : I am no longer recruting because i play this game on rare ocasions since i started playing a lot of AC III,Skyrim and Battlefield 3.

If you're still working on the squad achievements I wouldn't mind getting in on this

Hey I'm looking for squad for MP. Good team player. Pointing on objects and team play.  Hit me up GT: Bu11Butch3r.

im down for guerilla that mp ummm i suck at that or maybe the people im teamed up with is not team based oriented

i'm looking for other players to play with as a team. anyone interrested hit me up.

It has been forever since I have played Ghost Recon... Anyway I wouldn't mind joining up with some people if you want to hit me up. Also let me know in a message who you are cause I got a lot of random friend request I turn down if I don't know who you are. lol :)

if you want to keep your squad but join a bigger clan family of GRFS gamers guys then come over and take a look.


we have an active core of teamwork orientated gamers who are always online and looking for more people to game with and enjoy GRFS with.

come take a look

Sounds great :) add me!

Sounds Maybe I'll join