Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Sniping Guide



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You are right about everything in  the video K/D don.t mean a thing, I'm going to sub to your videos.  Can I add you to friend list.,getting tired of people going for kills rather than objectives and the stuff that count.

Great assessment of the class.  I hope more people watch this and adapt their playstyle for these game modes.

I dont play sniper class in any game , but im going to give it a go tonight try out some of your tips. Nice Vid :)

Thank you for this video but also ***k you for this video, cause now everyone is a sniper, everyone is tazing people and everyone is waiting near an objective invisible just to get a kill. so F**k you very much keep posting these vids they are seriously very helpful.

Great video.

One thing you left out- When you join the game, if your team already has a Sniper, or two, PLAY A DIFFERENT CLASS.