Ghost on one vs 360

I had ghost on the 360. Liked it...but between lag and hit detection, it was a hit mess.

Someone said that it runs better on the one. Can anyone confirm this for me?


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It runs no better on the One .

Never played it on the Xbox 360, but what you said happens on the One as well.

I think the multiplayer connections are really good lately.   I read somewhere that before the match if the counter starts at 44 or 40 you're on the dedicated servers.   When it starts at 15 it's p2p.  

On the xbox1 you can do a speed/ping test. In settings go to connection and you'll find it in there.  I'm in Alaska and I get a 52sec ping to the server.  

In my opinion it does run better on the one. Maybe it does, maybe it is my hope. Pew pew