GGXXACP question.

What is going in with the story mode characters that recharge health or can only be damaged by certain combos (Guilty Gear XX Accent Core plus)? Going through story mode is great until I run into one of the characters like that. If anyone knows, what are the requirements for registering a damage hit on them, it seems inconsistent. 


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^ Mapping the four face button combo (abxy) to LT(unused) should be the first thing anyone does on the game. Just LT, d/r d/r B for instant kills (most characters). And just pound the ones that recharge themselves. I think the ones that do that are all gears or the mysticals. I'm still open for anyone who knows though.

This is a PS3 game correct?

^ xbox 360 arcade added it a few months months ago, it flew under the radar..They will be updating it next spring to the newest arcade version. It's on PS3 also though...(DL copies)