Getting your entire system (Frozen) in GTA V

Do you think that will start up again ?

I hate getting on GTA IV because modders always freeze you for no reason, I hope they don't find ways to do that in GTA V, that is my biggest worry.


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There's modders in every game It's unavoidable.

is it though? i don't think i've ever come across any modders or hackers in any game i've played. douche bags, yes, modders, no.

Depends on the game, GTA's scripting allows for modders to do a lot of stupid things like freeze you. I would say you'll see it, but R* also will be watching GTA V a lot more than they have with their past games. Its a different kind of online.

^Rockstar already stated they will enforce online more than they've done. In other words, ban a few script kiddies and then move on (sarcasm). I have faith that Rockstar will do what they should have done in GTA: IV MP this time around. Finally got off the whiskey and gin.

Hopefully Rockstar will make things run smooth. It really seems like they're going all out with GTA Online.

In my experience, modders infiltrating an online game is only ever a problem when that game is fairly old and they find away around the blocks in place.

There will be nothing to worry about on release, GTA V will be completely clean.