Getting worse

The more they mess with this game the worse it seems to get. My SP game is now gone and it takes forever to get into a MP game. This stinks!!


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Yea I've had a lot of MP joining issues over the past 2 days.

I share your thoughts. It is about time someone from EA or Dice spoke. We should not have to jump through Hoops to be able to access the features that we parted with our hard earned cash for, pure and simple. Under the trades description act any other retail product would be deemed non fit for purpose, but it seems EA are happy to hide behind the sales for this game without the common decency to tell us 3 things;

1 - What the problem is.

2 - How it is going to be fixed.

3 - When it is going to be fixed

Now I'm a firm believer in power to the people, but what do we need to do collectively to get them to hear us? In the main  has this made people think about future EA purchases, for me definately, but I'm just one person.

Just a thought and the like of GT and IGN can help the communities here, but they should re-review this Game and publish there new scores? or in future when they review the titles it should be a seperate score for Campaign/Single player and that of Multiplayer, they are indeed different Beasts, I'm an MP all the way and do not want to have false hope pinned on a game with Fantastic single player.

I hate EA, although to boycott them would mean boycotting a large section of the industry, they have rights to so many franchises.  The bigger they get the worse for us.