Getting To Level 50

First I would like to say, who ever made lvl 50 the standard for games and why are we still sticking to it?

I would hope that in this Battlefield you have to level each class individually. That would create more diversity in the game play.

Also I hope they do not sell the unlocks.  But if they do I will buy it again.  How can you pass up an unlock?  Though not selling it would be better for the gaming experiance, rewarding those who put the time in.

Just one gamers humble opinion.


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Not sure how many points to be a 50.  But by the videos I watched ya get 100 points a kill now.  Instead of 50 like BC2.

Who said the max rank was 50?

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Who said the max rank was 50?


Yup. It could be like how BF2 was. To get to the higher ranks, you had to spend certain amount of times in a vehicle and get this ribbon and so on.


Ya that one video showed how this guy moved up in rank.  It was on youtube.  Showed he got a ribbon and some other stuff and he moved up two ranks in one match.

Im sure it wont be like COD where your prestige 50 in like a month,they will balance it right,BC2 takes ages to rank up when you get to the higher ranks.

I don't know why people bother to spend money on unlocks. In BC2 it doesn't take long to unlock most of everything available. It does make me laugh when I get sniped by a level 2 who has the 12x scope already. I make it a point to go  say hi to them...

After playing BF3 alpha, there is over 50 ranks.. I have seen the person get rank 45 being a Colonel. A day later I have seen people go over to rank 57, but DICE didn't put images for ranks after 45.

There are more than 50 ranks, there is also some type of prestige system as well for weapons and vehicles.