getting to be unbearable

what is with all the server timing outs? fix it already please. like this game but wasting way to much time reloading.


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You should post on Neverwinter/Perfect world forum for feedback/issue.

you're SOOO right. this game is unbearable with all the crashing. nearly every time i change zones, i get kicked. everytime i try to enter a dungeon, i get kicked. at first, people would just kick you from the group, but most people realize now, and don't generally kick for DC any more. and that's the messed up part, us gamers should not have to modify our habits and create ad-hoc workarounds to compensate for developer incompetence. i use this argument all the time, but if Rockstar can create the monumental achievement that is GTA V and have it function, your middling free to play should definitely be able to pull it off too.

and don't take this as random hate, i love this game and have spent more than an X1 game would cost on it, have a 60, and 6 others between 15 and 25 that i'm leveling. this is tough love. get your act together, because come june 6th, you're gonna have a lot of competition.

first and last thing to do is reset the xbox or at the very least press start and reset the game from the home screen. this will help alot with the kicking back to home.

big lagouts during the game are totaly unaceptable and im on the verge of shelving this game.