Getting the bottle caps was easier on the HD version?

Ok so all the guides, forum threads, and so forth have said it takes 3000 points to get a bottle cap in the shooting range. Now, I've finished all 4 rows on all difficulties, and I've noticed it only takes a 1000 points to get a bottle cap. If you get 2000 or more you get two, if you get 3000 or more you get three - so getting a high score does make it finish faster. But even if you're horrible at shooting, you can still grind through it in a few minutes by getting at least 1000 points per round. So what's up, did they make this section easier for the HD version or what?


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I got it and found that for the very last bottle cap I needed to use the uzi but experiment with different guns for each of the challenges.

I can't say if it's easier (really want to wait on a DotW/Price drop before getting this). All I know is that it was still plenty easy in the version I have (GCN).

I only got one in the game cube version. Was wondering if they would be easier due to being a better gamer.

All I know that the PC version I've got took me quite some time a year ago with the bottle caps but the 360 version... Well I was extremely surprised I got the cheevo without even trying for it. But then again it could be the fact that I enjoy using a 360 controller and simply hate the PS3 one...

Yeah thats just odd. I've played the GC, Wii and now the 360 version and they all required that you get at least 3000 points to get 1 bottle cap. It must have something to do with the fact that you're playing the EU version.

Haha, good for me I guess :p Could it be that you're playing the North American version, and I have the European one? I know there are some differences, such as no easy mode option for the NA version. Well, if that's what it is, I don't mind at all really ^^

I dunno what's up with your game lol I just finished row A yesterday and I didn't start earning bottlecaps til I got over 3000. The exception is a bottlecap for hitting every target though.