Getting Started - Shoud I buy the ancestors first?

Hello dudes, 

Im interested on buying Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood , but I have never played Assassin's Creed before, and like every RPG, it has a history to be fallowed.

Im not rich, and games are really expensive arround here, so, should I buy the Assassin's Creed first, and than the 2 and than the brotherhood or I can just jump all?


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For the very FULL story, you may wanna try the other three before you play Revelations. Right now at GameStop (US) Assassin's Creed 1 is like 7.99 pre-owned. AC2 is 17.99 (Pre-Owned) and 19.99 (New), and AC: Brotherhood is 34.99 (Pre-Owned) and 39.99 (New). I'd just plan accordingly or go through things like Gamefly where you rent out games for like 7.99 a month. Get AC1 for Xbox, and when you're done you just return it, then get AC2 and then Brotherhood.

I'm Brazilian, dude. We do not produce the games, so we pay the game and the tax of importation. And of course, the Brazilian corruption. To make you understand, in my city, capital of Goias, we pay R$900 (U$ 562.5) for a clean 4GB XBOX 360. (We dont have the 250gb skul yet).

Anyway, i think I'll buy (rent is expensive too, and I enjoy having the games) the AC1 and when possible I get the next and you got the point.

Tank you, I appreciated your opinion!

US doesn't produce Assassin's Creed either... Canada and France does by Ubisoft CA/France.

Xbox is manufactured by Microsoft, a US company, which is why you probably need to pay a lot for it.

I didn't know what country you are from, because you didn't state it.

So just get AC1 and move on from there whenever. HOWEVER you may miss out on Achievements for AC:B since that game needs Multiplayer Achievements for 100%. And when AC:R is released, you may be hard pressed to find anyone playing AC:B, so AC:B first is my opinion.

I see... Sorry about the country misunderstood.

So, you think I should, even without knowing anything about the ac's history, get the AC:B first of all? and eventually go after the other ones?

I've played all the Assasins Creed games so far (except the facebook game) and I would start with AC 1 and move on from there.

A lot of improvments to combat and free running were made in AC2 and AC:B so if you were to go back to AC1 after playing them it would feel wrong.

AC 1 is I sould also mention an excellent game and well worth the money now.

Start with the first one, you'll be glad you did.

I started playing with Brotherhood. I read the comics though. I watched my roommate play part of 2 though, but didn't finish watching that story. I still understood the majority of Brotherhood though.