Getting Souls for Black Soul Gems

I am just starting the Black Star Quest.  I was planing on getting the star turned in to a black star.  But then I had a thought, where is the best place to kill people for the souls?  I know i could clear a cave but you never know if there are people or monsters in a cave.  can you get into trouble killing people on the road?  I tend to play "good" guys so random killings aren't my think.  If I have a cave with people and I don't clear it will the bad guy re-populate over time?



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I use Swindlers Den, it's West of Dragons Reach. Every 2-3 game days the cave repopulates with unsuspecting Bandits waiting to have their souls harvested for the purpose of making my gear more powerful. If you have trouble finding it, click here.

on my second playthrough am still going for the black star as is most flexible in holding all soul sizes, while roaming around pretty much every fort and watchtower is held by bandits and quests push you toward conflicts with humanoid characters so you never have to kill innocents unless you feel the urge.

Plus, you can usually find a good amount of black soul gems in the world. I have about 10 filled ones. It's hard trying to find regular grand souls though, as I don't have a guide