Getting side-tracked (possible spoilers)

With all the different locations, quests and misc objectives in this game, it's very easy to get side-tracked. It does seem that every quest or MO that you complete spawns 2 or 3 more. I'm interested to hear how and where players end up after starting at whatever place.

To get this post started, here's an example of (one of) my side-tracks; I noticed I had 3 or 4 MO's concerning The Bard's College, so I went to Solitude to clear them up. This led to The Mind Of Madness, which led me to the Blue Palace and the Jarl and steward, which led to more quests and MOs. While in Solitude I visted the Winking Skeever and met Sam, which led to A Night To Remember, and waking up in Markarth for my first and so far only visit to that city. Being in Markarth led to The Foresworn Conspiracy & Cidna Mine, and couple of ongoing MO's, and also started 2 Daedric quests which are still ongoing. In addition to 2 other ongoing Daedric quests! I could go on (and on) but hopefully you get the picture. And I've still got an outstanding MO at The Bard's College!!!

So over to you, I'd love to hear of other side-tracks, be as brief or as long as you like, spoilers or not, it's entirely up to you.


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Hows this for side tracked, I have 100+ hours of gameplay and havent beat the game (main quest and faction quest).


Ill be doing the main quest, oh look! a butterfly, must catch it! oh crap thats a giant! run away! woah where am I?

Side tracked? I have 6 open quests with numerous miscellaneous quests. Have not chosen sides yet. Won't mention quests that can't be finished. I just met another companion and we're traveling together. She's pretty quiet so I may keep her around for awhile. My game clock shows 596 hours. More than 80 finished quests including Shalidors Insights which seem to be a never ending story. Just crossed the level 60 mark.

I like to not have any active quests so I can just play. I think it is fun to not Fast Travel. Walk everywhere. I normally get distracted because I have to go down every waterfall I see.

It's kind of hard to complain about a game giving us so much for the money!  You are right, it's a huge game, with quests unlocking quests unlocking quests. Even though it seems overwhelming at first, it can be handled methodically. The excellent menu feature lists open and active quests at the top, and completed quests at the bottom. I find it helpful to limit the number of open quests to about 10.  I work that down a little before adding any new ones.  The other good news is that sequence doesn't seem to matter.  There's no hurry to complete any given quest, main or otherwise.

most of the quests on this game are meh. not really worth doing 75% of them.

Yeah, if you walk it can take a long time to get where you intended to go. I look at the compass and see a cave or ruin and it's black and it's like a come hither spell, I just have to go see what it is. And more places pop up on the way, it's just one new place after another.

I agree with all the comments made here, apart from Str8Up (although some quests are better than others), especially OldPepsiMan; VFM to the max with this game. I've tried to focus on just one quest line while playing, but getting sidetracked is so damn easy. Maybe it says more about my disorganised nature!!!

I have just completed the main quest line, and am well on with the College of Winterhold quest line; I started the College quest line as a result of going there as part of the main quest line, another example of being sidetracked!!

I've also got Innocence Lost & Taking Care of Business ongoing, resisting the urge to go further with those for now as I'm especially looking forward to the DB quest line. Being bad can be soooooo good!!!!

They do that on purpose. Through the Main Quest you go through the College and the Thieves Guild. The College is pretty reclusive, but the Guild tells you about the Dark Brotherhood a lot. From a story standpoint that could lead you  to them. If you happened to join DB first then they lead you directly to the Thieves Guild.