Getting Killed In Passive Mode

Does anyone know exactly what the limitations are when you have Passive Mode enabled online? I had it on this morning while delivering a car for Simeon, and I was shot up and wasted, ending with my car being jacked, obviously. Does it not work when you're in a vehicle or on a mission? One or the other? Is this a bug or is this how it's supposed to work? It doesn't make much sense that I would be in passive mode and get shot and killed, while I can't pull out a gun to defend myself the entire time.

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doesn't work when you're in a vehicle.

when in a vehicle you can shoot and be shot, even when in passive mode.  if you shoot from the vehicle, you will still be in passive mode when you get out.


you can also still be killed by being run over if you're on foot in passive mode.


had a guy kill me as slow as possible with his car lol.  i got out of my car in the street to do something and wasn't paying attention.  he creeps by and barely taps me, knocking me to the ground, just as i'm getting up, he bumps me again... he did this like 6 times until i finally died... i was cracking up because i had nvr thought of it and just had to watch my guy flop around on the ground time after time lol

Thanks guys, good to know about the vehicle thing. Didn't expect anyone to shoot me in Passive Mode, hence why I didn't bothering trying to shoot back, but now I know!

Passive mode causes more grief than it's ment to save.

I kinda like that you can still die in passive mode, it makes it so people can't just mess with others and then switch to passive and be untouchable. Hopefully this is how they intended it to be and not something they decide to "fix". Although, it could probably do with a time limit.