getting kicked out x-box live for "leaving games"...

I have been getting kicked out of x-box live for "" leaving to many games.  I have not been leaving games nor "cheating" what is going on.  Also, matchmaking has been doing a really poor job of putting together match ups with player all on an even level of play.  



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The "level of play" problem is do a small population of players. The other problem is caused by leaving or lagging out of games. It is a temp ban for ten minutes.

I get that but I am rarely leaving games so I am confused, what do you mean by lagging out??

its when your connection cant keep up with everyone else and you get booted out of the match. lag usually consists of online gaming being very slow, giving other players the appearance of jumping around, or not having an animation when get shot at. if the lag is bad enough, you will be disconnected from the match, hence the term "lagging out." the system can't differentiate between quitting and lagging out, so thats probably why you've been banned from matchmaking. give it some time and it shall go away.

Lagging out is where your connection to the host drops. So to you its looks like everyone else quit or you just go back to the MM screen in the middle of a game.

Thanks for all the help!!! It seems to not be an issue as everyone said after chilling for a bit.