Getting Kicked from servers for NO REASON..WTF???

You have been kicked by the admin....


Playing by all the rules, and suddenly get kicked. Why I ask? Only reason that I can come up with is that I am kicking your butt and this is your way to get rid of the good players.

Not what I call fair, or right.

Deal with it.

Played a round yesterday where no shotguns allowed. Sniper only. The other team were using shotguns, kicking our butts, no-one got kicked, and we went down to defeat, and I did not stoop to their level and use a shotgun.

Dice, why cant you make it so the admin can select what guns to use, and no others can be selected?  Ghost recon had that option years ago. That would fix part of the problem here. I guess if I dont like the room, or being kicked for no reason, I will take my game elsewhere.


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if they are making rules governing what weapons or loadouts and trying to enforce them in RANKED servers...then these admins/owners are in violation of the TOS

Yeah,Me and some friends got into the back end of a losing game the other night with no chance to pull off a win,but we kicked butt and gave the enemy team a headache and we came like top 4 on the board,Then we get kicked before the next game even starts,It seemed the admins knew they could'nt boost off the noobs anymore and would have probably lost next game so they booted us.This is what happens when angry tweens get the ability to rent servers.

I use dice only servers now and favourite them your allowed 22 ,I was fed up with 2 hour rounds and getting kicked all the time, started to enjoy BF3 again

Yep, I can honestly say I've played a LOT less since this whole "rent-a-server" update went live. Its too bad because I really do enjoy this game, but I had a similar experience as others have posted. One of the last games I played I got kicked because I blew up the enemy's tank too many times, and I dont even have good stats! Pretty silly stuff. IF I can find an official EA/Dice server, I'm game, but if I can't I'm probably playing something else or going to bed. I understand the reasoning for the rent-a-server from EA's side of things, but honestly they should have a few more "standard" servers up so that those of us who just want to play a normal round before work can do so without having to commit 3 hours just to play one match.......oh well, it is what it is.

Yeah some guy was enforcing no straight pull bolts in a ranked match. I didn't know it was a ToS violation but that makes me happy. Next time it happens I'll report it straight away. He kept spamming me about not using it and his teammates were using it and he wasn't doing anything so I told him to *** off. So naturally he booted me.

Then he sends me a message and says "A sign of things to come." Its hilarious how badass these guys think they are because they have the ability to boot someone. I told him he was compensating for a tiny willie. I'll take his lack of response as a victory.

I was gonna renew my server.  But then I had a change of heart.  Figured I already spend $25 once.  Do it again then its $50 total.  That's close to a new game.  Bad enough I had to pay for B2k.  Plus long delayed map packs in very limited of maps to begin with.  This game is lame now with these lame patches.  Some my guys were thinking about going back to BC2 to play some NAM.  But them servers are always dead.  Usually is 4vs4 most games.  Dice is lazy.  At least BC2 we knew the vip map packs were plenty and always near release.  Now Dice already has its dates set already for these packs which wont be free.  Some of us were hoping for a February map pack.  Then Dice said June.  Besides that's a lame 8vs8.

Instead of a allowing Admin's to kick player's directly, there should of been an option for Admin's to start a kick vote and let the rest of the team decide weather the player in question deserves to be kicked.

I find it ironic that when the game first released DICE/EA banned anyone exploiting the EOD BOT in HC, but mouths down the line, they give players the option to boost their W/L ratio via rented servers. How does a company which have been developing games over 10 years, fail to realise this would happen? 

I got kicked 4 times in one day. So I know that feel OP.

I keep getting banned too.  Shot a birdie out of the sky and got banned.  :/

I got banned for taking the owners dogtags. I think its bs that you play the game and get kicked/banned.

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