getting in to the gcpd building to get mr freeze

early in the game and i am having a problem. after being directed to the coldest point in gothem it is the old GCPD building. i beat up all the thugs and went all around the building but the only enterence is an electric door. when i use the electric gaget the door only opens part way. help


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You need to do the "Slide" move, I believe it's holdin' down the right trigger as you run, to fit under that opening that you create with the Electrical Blast...:-)

Yep, run and slide underneath it to the other side.

I asked John Rzeznik about your problem and he said that he wants to wake up where you are and that he won't say anything at all, so why don't you slide?  Yeah, he's going to let it slide.



In case youre not sure and still stuck..... run (move in the direction of the door and keep A down) then pull right trigger to slide.

also just a quick can also use the run and slide move to get through grates you would normally have to tap A to tear off the wall, very handy under the subway and wont be heard by guards

Also works when about to fight, will slide-tackle one of the thugs.

Thats actually a Riddler Physical challenge

i never spotted a chall for that but then again i'm too busy focusing on the other thugs!