Getting Humanity Randomly

Ok, so I noticed that I have been getting humanity randomly, and I don't know why. Yesterday I was playing, I had no humanity, then a few hours roll by, and notice I got three. I was like, I don't remember picking up any humanity. so I was kind of confused about that. Then today, when I loaded up my game, and I had three humanity, and while looking DEAD AT THE NUMBER, it changed to 4...............Explain...........NAO!


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YOu get humanity by killing lots of enemies while hollow without dying.   Also, you may be granted 1 humanity when you revive at a bonfire after dying LOTS of times (you may have to be in Way of White convenant for this to happen - unconfirmed since I joined the convenant immediately and it happened to me a bunch in the catacombs).

yeah one of the guys near the start says "you can always gain humanity piece by piece from enemies" after talking to him a few times, so as above said its killing enemies without dying. or to be kind when you die a lot.

if you have 1 or more humanity in your counter, use it, or when you die it will be lost. being human also increases drop rates of items.

It was suggested on another thread that folks rating your messages highly might net you a humanity point, thus explaining why it went from 3 to 4 for seemingly no reason.  No one really seems to be sure.  Have you been leaving good messages to help others?

Yes I have, but the thing is, when you use the stone, you can view all your messages, and also see their ratings, All of them stay at 0. So no one's been rating my messages. Unless they rate them up and rate them back down to 0. Which im sure is NOT happening.

But if slaying a lot of enemies and not dying is the case, then that makes sense as I got like 12 humanity................Yea.........I'm a BAWS. lol.