Getting back to the Islands near the Batcave?

Hey all,

So I've finsihed the game and I have one Riddler Trophy left- the trophy that is on one of the little Islands near the Batcave. The only issue is I have no idea how to go back and get it. I passed it once when the story had Batman go to the Islands, but when I go back to the Batcave and stand on the ledge, the Islands don't seem to be there anymore.

I know you should be able to go back and find Riddler Trophies, which I've done, but this one is tough to get to without redoing the game.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Do you mean the area just as you obtain the bat cave in the game. If so I think you need to exit the sewers and glide from there to get it.

I was talking about getting to the little islands off to the side. I found it, but what bugged me about this game was the map was a PAIN to navigate. Don't get me wrong, I love gaming, but a bad map can make or break a game. I'm skeptical about getting Arkham City for that reason.

How is the map on that Jokul ?

Hi sorry for delay been head down in Arkham City. Game good,main story seemed a little short, combat much better, gadgets better, map has the same look but is much better for collectiables and navigation.

Another good thing is custom markers, put a cusom marker on the map, come back out to gameplay and you have a bat-signal over your marker making it much easier to find areas.

You have to be able to glide, that much I know but havn't.go there yet.

Just go the same way you went in the campaign.